I’m a Writer

Hello, my name is Elisha Batuncang, and I’m a WRITER

Two months ago, I’ve bought a copy of Jeff Goins eBook, You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One). In his eBook, he shares the story of his journey on how he became a writer. He faced a lot of dilemmas and self-doubt until one day he went on to ask an expert in the writing industry, Steven Pressfield, “When do you really become a writer?”.

He replied, “Screw what everyone else says. The truth was much simpler. You are when you say you are.”

One of the exercise is to start proclaim and declare the identity publicly in Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else visible – I’m a writer!

I chose the latter. I took a pen and wrote it on the front page of my notebook. It wasn’t a public declaration and it’s not visible for me to see on a regular basis. It’s hidden under the cover page of the notebook. Slowly, the feeling just fades away.

Then in one good day, Jeff came up with a contest encouraging readers to publicly declare themselves as a writer in a video format with a prize worth $124.99 (RM397.90) and that’s worth a lot of money for a Malaysian.

I took the challenge, borrowed a camera from my friend, shoot some videos, and then I reached to a point where I ended up walking away from the challenge.

I was terrified.

I came up with a lot of excuses and convince myself that I’ll publicly declare it some other day. I’ve gone all defensive because of the fear and noisy self-doubts that has crept into my soul. I was listening to Passive Paul’s stupid advices. He asked me to always play safe.

Day 1: Declare

Great Writers Declare

Jeff just came up with a series of Mastering the Habits of Great Writers, a series inspired by his eBook. It’s a 15 day action-packed series that will help to develop the habits possessed by great writers like Jeff himself.

The journey of every great writer begins with a declaration. With pride and boldness they walk onto the centre-stage and made a public proclamation – “I’m a writer”.


The Declaration

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and I’ve wrote numbers of blog posts throughout these good 6 years. I write. I ship my ideas to the masses. But I was on the wrong mindset. I chased fame, the coolness of being called “a blogger”, and I chased metrics, the stat counts of my blog’s traffic. I was writing out of passion.

In no time, writing began to become a chore instead and I grew tired. I was frustrated.

Enough said, let bygone be bygones…

Today, I want to start over and go back to the basics: Writing for the love of it.

And here I am, on the centre-stage of my own platform, I would like to announce a bold statement to you. In faith, I’m declaring myself…

I'm a Writer


Let me ask you a question: What are you going to declare today? Are you writer? A singer? A footballer? Whatever it is, let’s share it in the comment section below.

Join the writerhood. Join over 1000 other writers who are participating the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge where you’ll be taken through a journey on learning and practicing the essential habits of all great writers. 

Photo credits: Jeff Goins

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  • http://www.cutebun.blogspot.com Cutebun

    I am a writer! A blogger, photographer and lomographer! =D I proudly declared it on my blog! =D 

    • http://elishares.com Elisha Batuncang

      That’s awesome Sherrie! I like your confidence ;-) I see you’re doing a lot of photographing activities nowadays yea. Keep up the good work! 

      • http://www.cutebun.blogspot.com Cutebun

        Yup! Photography is my passion now. =D 

        • http://elishares.com Elisha Batuncang

          That’s great! You should turn pro one day.

  • Aki Borneo

    Hi I’m Aki and I am a WRITER!! :D ..

  • aNgeL-Pep

    What you do only matters to you. It’s what you do to others that counts. I am an Angel!

    • aNgeL-Pep

      eh salah! requote: What you feel only matters to you. hahahahaha

  • willie

    Hi Elly,
    This is really inspiring. I do write because of passion, but the thing is, i still do not know how to go from where i am now.m