Weekly Link Shares #1

Hello my AWESOME readers!

Today I would like to announce that I will be starting a new series called the


Okay, you must be wondering what is this post about. So what is Weekly Link Shares? In this post, I would share 10 interesting and useful articles with everyone. Basically, it’s a compilation of articles from other Bloggers and also from other sources that I have read throughout the week. In Weekly Link Shares, I will be covering wide range of topics which includes: personal development, blogging tips, social media, copywriting, internet marketing and more.

There is always someone who can benefit from knowledge you are willing to share. 
– Unknown

Top 10 Weekly Link Shares

1. How To Start When You Have Nothing @ The Personal Excellence Blog
Sometimes, we think life is very unfair, yet, the reality is that every single one of us starts with zero. Celestine also describe that our problems are actually our assets.

2. A Brief Guide to Life @ Zen Habits
Leo Babauta has compiled few guidelines that will help us to simplify our hectic lifestyle.

3. Hate. Insult. @ Daily Remembrance
Are you abusing the social media? Dayah explains why you should stop spreading hate in your Facebook status.

4. 9 Helpful Tips To Deal With Negative People @ Stepcase Lifehack
We can’t escape dealing with negative people in our daily life. Here is list of 9 helpful tips that you can check out on how to deal with them.

5. 20 Common Mistakes Made By New Bloggers @ Ink Rebels
If you’re really serious into blogging you must check this out. Diana Adams reveals 20 common mistakes made by new bloggers and she also advised how to deal with it.

6. Why it’s bad to assume your visitors are smart – Dealing with "The 30% Brain" @ aFFiLoRaMa
You might be surprised that most of the time we’re only using 30% of our brain capacity when we surf the net. That’s the reason why we have short attention span.

7. Consistency Is KING… In Whatever You Are Doing @ Create With Eric
Nuff said. If you want to be better in what you’re doing, the key is CONSISTENCY.

8. 6 Delusions of Blogging @ Shout Me Loud
Are you caught in deception of the awesomeness of blogging? The ugly truth is that blogging is not a piece of cake.

9. How To Fast Track ‘Blogger Burnout’! @ Stand Out Blogger
Every bloggers, either you’re a problogger or part-time blogger, will definitely experience Blogger Burnout during the whole course of your blogging life. There are 3 causes of Blogger Burnout.

10. Blogging Better: The Two Simple Ways To Do So @ BluePop13
Simple yet the most effective method you should practice as a blogger.


11. Belacan dan Paku
Belacan and Paku is a nickname for two funny Americans who can speak Bahasa Malaysia. They have spent 2 years in Sarawak working as volunteer. Now, they’re back in the States and they’re producing funny videos (speaking in Malay) in YouTube.

12. “Live A Better Life in 30 Days” Challenge for September! @ The Personal Excellence Blog
Celestin Chua is starting a “Live A Better Life in 30 Days” Challenge tomorrow. Come and join the challenge and live a better life in this coming month. The registration is FREE and closes tonight on 31 Aug, 11:59pm GMT +8.

13. The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers @ ProBlogger
Here’s another AWESOME offer that will expire by midnight. The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers is an eBook that provides list of recommendations to follow and pitfalls to avoid, as you’re writing your next blog post. It’s a system that acts like an editor, measuring the quality of your blog post from both the reader’s and Google’s perspective. Making sure that you deliver a quality content before you hit Publish.

Grab yourself a copy now for just $9.97 before the price triples!

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